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on March 21, 2014
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Man’s best friend deserves the very best. So, which dog leash is best? The answer is subjective. What’s best for you and your pet may not work for another person and their dog. Learn about the various types of dog leashes and pick the one that is right for you and your dog.

The leash. The dog leash is not so much an accessory to your dog’s style as it is a tool for you to use in the care and handling of your dog. Cesar Milan, the noted dog genius, recommends the simple leash and collar system for well-behaved dogs that don’t give their owners much, if any, trouble on the walk. When walking your dog, who should be at your side or slightly behind you, the leash and collar is a great option that is simple to manage.

The slip. Not all dogs are perfect princes and princesses on their walks. If your dog has issues with behavior such as inattentiveness or distracts easily when you take him or her out for the daily constitutional, you may wish to try the slip collar type of leash. With the slip color, you can give a quick and firm pull to the side. This will correct your dog’s behavior humanely and in a way that he or she will understand right away. Pulling back on the collar will cause your dog to pull up against you—not helpful.

The Illusion. The illusion collar is a type of slip collar and leash system that is hard to get wrong. The illusion collar is designed to position the collar in a fail-safe position, at the top of the neck. It is safer, and the dog is sensitive in that part of the neck, so pulling to the side in a short, quick motion will not take much effort.

The harness. With the harness leash system, your dog is your engine. The harness will distribute the weight he or she is pulling evenly and comfortably, so go for a bike ride or get back to Rollerblading and bring your dog with you. If your dog’s face is flat like a bulldog’s, the harness is great because it will not restrict breathing, which is already a bit restricted.

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