Best Paint Colors for Kitchens

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on February 27, 2015
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The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms of your home. It often is the hub of the household, the place where everyone gathers to chat about the day and prepare meals and snacks. Changing the look of your kitchen doesn’t mean you need a full renovation. Simply repainting the kitchen can significantly alter its look. Paint can refresh, brighten and change the mood of the kitchen.

Crisp white. The benefits of painting a kitchen white are many. White offers a fresh, clean, neutral look that complements most other colors and design elements. Painting a smaller kitchen a lighter color such as white may help to create the illusion of a larger space. While white walls may show splatters more than a darker color, any marks are easy to see, making cleanup a snap.

Eggshell/cream or light yellow. For some homes, white may seem too bright, but a lighter color still is desired. Eggshell, cream and light yellow are lighter colors that work well in many kitchens. Each is a warm neutral, pairing well with a French country style or accented with a rich chocolate or deep mahogany for a modern color scheme. Light yellow complements most varieties of wood cabinetry.

Shades of gray. Soft dove gray or even a deep metal gray look spectacular on kitchen walls lined with white cabinetry and sleek stainless steel appliances. Palettes of gray offer flexibility when accessorizing with color. Keep the look chic by accenting with deep red, golden ochre or emerald. Accents can be added with pottery, linens and artwork.

Bold red and yellow. According to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, warm colors such as red and yellow are popular in kitchens because they are both comforting and appetite stimulators. If painting every wall in your kitchen a bold red or yellow seems too extreme, consider an accent wall. An accent wall provides a focal point for the room beyond the appliances and food-prep island.

Paint tips. Satin, eggshell and semi-gloss paints may each offer a finish that can hide certain imperfections in walls while still providing a surface that is easy to clean with soap and water. Flat paint often is not recommended for kitchens because this type is harder to clean, especially if your kitchen walls often are the recipients of sticky fingerprints and other messes.

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