How to Insulate Pipes for Cheap

Home & Family, Household DIY Tips
on May 3, 2014

To make his home more energy efficient, Club member Paul Purja of Ames, Iowa, decided to insulate his copper waterlines. Though manufactured insulating T-fittings and 90-degree angles were available,  the price of the individual pieces exceeded the cost of an entire bag of insulation. Paul had previously noticed that waterline insulation fit perfectly within a scrap length of PVC pipe. So to save money, he made cutting jigs from the PVC and used them to construct his own insulation fittings. He used a miter saw to cut a 45-degree end on one of the PVC scraps to serve as a cutting guide. Then using a retractable-blade razor knife (see inset photo), Paul cut clean miters to create fittings that look like and work as well as the store-bought variety.

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