How To Choose The Best Drapes

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on February 12, 2015
Woman Styling New Drapes in Living Room

Choosing the best drapes for your needs is not hard once you know the basics. There are many options that may seem confusing at first. Check out this handy guide to drapery, and be sure you get the color, style, fabric and lining that you need. Every individual’s needs and tastes are different. You are the best judge of what you require.

Color. When selecting the color for your drapes, consider the room and its light. A very bright room will appreciate a filter for all that light. Not only will a curtain make the room comfortable on the eyes, it also will protect furnishings and finishes from ultraviolet light damage. If the room is a public room such as a living room or dining room, the drapery color can be vibrant and make a statement. Choose a color that you love, that works with your surroundings and will harmonize with the level of light the room receives. It should be noted that a very rich and exciting color may become annoying when you see it constantly. Save statement colors for rooms that you use occasionally and pick restful colors for rooms that you will be in for the majority of the day. Dark or bold colors tend to add drama, while soft tones evoke peace and stability.

Fabric. Fabric can make or break the drape. According to Elle Décor, velvet, silk, linen and faux silk are excellent fabric choices because they hang well and look beautiful. Faux silk is very durable and will not age as quickly as the real thing. Heavy fabrics will give drapes an insulatory effect but may darken the room, so choose wisely.

Lining. Drapes do not require lining. It is an option. If you wish to block sunlight and insulate against the cold, a heavy muslin lining or light blocking lining may be just what you’re after. However, if you merely wish for a light filter, do not use a lining or select a lightweight fabric for the lining.

Style. Drapes come in several styles. Which you select is up to you. If you wish to create a formal space, opt for the high-end finished look of pinched pleats that puddle slightly at the floor. For a modern, polished finish, a rod pocket drape that skims the floor perfectly will look neat and tailored. A casual drape panel that sheerly filters light can add warmth and a relaxed atmosphere to a room. Wide stripes in a light silk duponi add modern elegance. Heavy brocade drapes harken back to a luxurious, formal age. Layer drapes for interest and versatility with sheers first and heavier colored panels on top. Grommet topped panels look edgy and are easy to open and close. Add a valance to the top of your drape to obscure the rod and finish the look in a streamlined fashion. The options are endless, and they’re all yours.

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