Decorating Ideas for Halloween

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on October 3, 2014

Draping the house in cobwebs, ghostly figures and all things creepy while stocking up on candy can mean only one thing: It’s Halloween again. Decorating for the occasion doesn’t have to be an expensive or time-consuming project, though. Here are some ideas to try.

Jack-o’-lanterns. Nothing says Halloween quite like a carved pumpkin, and if you have the time and skill, carving a Frankenstein’s face into one and a fiery dragon into another is sure to impress friends and neighbors. If your carving skills aren’t up to scratch, though, you can stick with a simple but still spooky arched backed cat pattern, or for indoor pumpkins, forgo carving altogether and paint goofy faces on them instead.

Ghostly luminaires. Pumpkins aren’t the only way to light up your Halloween path. Make simple ghostly luminaires from garden solar lights or hanging lanterns covered with white sheets. For a more impressive display, wrap fairy lights around stakes in the yard and cover with sheeting. Continue the ghost theme indoors with white muslin draped over helium-filled balloons. Tether them with balloon weights and place where the trailing material will catch in a draft for dancing ghosts.

Skeleton wind chimes. Decorations that move in the wind are great, but why not add a little noise to increase the “boo!” factor? If you have time, make a skeleton wind chime from air-dried clay “bones.” If you don’t have the time for that but have bamboo wind chimes, buy a cheap plastic or rubber skeleton and chop it up. Make a hole in the top of the skull, thread it on the top of the chimes and then hang the hands and feet by thread from the bamboo chimes to create a temporary skeleton chime.

Spider skulls. Stock up on cheap plastic skulls and black pipe cleaners from the dollar store. Use four pipe cleaners tied in the center with a twist tie, glue a skull to the center and then bend the “legs” out to stand the spider skull on. Because these are made with pipe cleaners, they can be attached in the most unexpected places to catch your guests unawares.

Tower of terror. Turn a lazy Susan into a cupcake tower of terror from which to serve your candy treats. Cover the trays with black tissue paper. Draw a haunted house outline on a piece of cardboard, cut it out and then use this as a template to cut out a second matching shape. Paint the haunted house image onto both sides of both pieces of card. Mark the center point on both cards, cut down to the middle one and then up to the middle on the other. Slide the two shapes together along the slits and stand on the plate, with cupcakes or other treats arranged around them.

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