Decorating Ideas for Thanksgiving

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on November 6, 2014

Thanksgiving decorating ideas can be bountiful when you allow your imagination, creativity and natural flair to emerge. Try these simple tips to give your home a warm, autumnal look for Thanksgiving.

Seasonal Items

Pumpkins, gourds, harvest corn, acorns and leaves are all items that make a seasonal statement in Thanksgiving décor. Other items to consider when creating fall wreaths, garlands and table centerpieces are sprays of cranberries, faux turkey feathers, raffia and ribbons in fall colors — shades of orange, gold, yellow, brown, burgundy and even purple.


A cornucopia to set on a mantle or as the showpiece of your dining table is a simple but beautiful Thanksgiving decoration. Wicker or rattan cornucopia baskets can be found at craft and hobby stores. Select one that will be large enough to hold several small gourds, miniature pumpkins, harvest corn and acorns.

Purchase two to three yards of ribbon in a fall color to match your room décor. Attach the ribbon around the widest part of the cornucopia and tie a bow so it sets askew near the top of open end. Arrange the gourds, pumpkins and other items so they fill the cornucopia and then appear to spill out. Set the cornucopia atop a fall colored table linen.

Fall Wreaths

A welcoming wreath attached to a home’s front door can be a charming Thanksgiving decoration. Wreaths do not have to be the traditional all-greenery or even a circular shape. Let your imagination and creativity flow to create a Thanksgiving wreath that wows your holiday visitors. Consider creating a wreath made from silk wheat fronds and autumnal ribbons in rich gold, purple and burgundy.

Create an eye-catching Thanksgiving wreath using a twig wreath form as a base. With florist wire and hot glue, attach an arrangement of gourds, harvest corn and multicolored silk fall leaves to the bottom portion of the wreath. Place it so it is off-center and the gourds are almost cradled by the curve of the wreath. At the top of the wreath, tie a bow in colored ribbon to contrast your gourd colors. For an additional pop of color and texture, add a couple of cranberry sprays.


Garlands are versatile holiday decorations. They can be wound around porch columns outdoors and strung along a staircase inside. Hang garlands in any room — even a bathroom can look festive with a garland of fall leaves positioned across the top of a vanity mirror. Thanksgiving garlands do not need to be restricted to fall leaves. Consider using twig swags with berries in reds and purples. A grapevine swag with silk flowers in fall colors can look beautiful over a fireplace.

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