Easy to Grow Houseplants

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on January 20, 2015

Don’t have a green thumb? Don’t worry. Some houseplants are easy to grow. Try one of these favorites to bring beauty and color to your home year-round.

Golden pothos. If you have a brown thumb, “Start with pothos ivy, because if you can’t grow it, we can’t help you,” jokes Doug Welsh, professor and horticulturist at Texas A&M University in College Station. Pothos is an undemanding, fast-growing vine suitable for sunny or shady spots. Its green and yellow leaves become more colorful in brighter light.

Snake plant. Also called “mother-in-law’s tongue,” for its long, pointed leaves, this plant can grow 4 feet tall and thrives in low light. Choose a dwarf variety for a dish garden or small container.

Cast-iron plant. True to its name, the cast-iron plant is virtually indestructible. The bushy plant with dark green, leathery leaves isn’t showy, but it tolerates low light, drafts and irregular watering. It grows slowly, so it seldom needs repotting.

African violet. For indoor color, these pretty plants are unbeatable. The flowers come in red, pink, white, blue, purple, violet and bicolors. Because they blossom almost nonstop, African violets need a little extra care. Give them bright, indirect light, like morning sun filtered through a curtain, and use a fertilizer made especially for them.

Jasmine. If you want to grow a fragrant houseplant, try jasmine. Small, sweet-smelling, star-shaped blossoms appear on this indoor vine from winter into early spring. Give the plant four to six hours of bright light each day.

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