How To Find A Pet Groomer

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on February 15, 2015
Groomer with a dog

When you have a dog (or other pet), it’s important to ensure that your animal looks great. Grooming your pet is not just an exercise in vanity. Making sure that your dog is well groomed every day will make him look his best and is good for his health and hygiene, too. It is always important to go to an expert, so if you need help finding a pet groomer, follow these helpful hints.

Look for personal recommendations. The strongest recommendation nearly always comes via word of mouth. Pet owners talk to other pet owners, so if you hear good things about a pet groomer, then you should heed the advice of like-minded people. Don’t be afraid to approach pet owners you may not know that well. Chances are they will be flattered you spoke to them.

Search online. Use search engines like Google and Bing to find details of pet groomers in your area. Websites will commonly feature photos of pets and/or recommendations from happy pet owners. Check out what services and skills the groomer has to offer. Don’t just go to the first pet groomer you find online, though. Take time to do research and find the groomer that’s right for you.

Ask your vet. Your vet is a professional that you already know and trust, so it is always worth asking his opinion. Some veterinarians actually offer grooming facilities on-site, so you may even be able to do everything under one roof.

Certification. Many states require that pet groomers obtain licenses. Check this out with your state authority, and ask for accident reports or customer complaints.

Visit the facilities. Never take up service from a pet groomer without checking his facilities first. Always take your pet with you, and observe how the groomer and other staff members interact and treat your animal. Check that the facilities are clean and hygienic and that any equipment is in good condition.

Found in: Home & Family, Pets
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