Healthy Snack Ideas — And How to Convince Kids to Eat Them

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on August 23, 2014

No amount of coercion or bribing will get kids to eat better. What will? Being a good role model by eating better yourself. Here are a few more tips to help:

1. Make healthy snacks accessible and visible. Set out bowl of carrot and bell pepper sticks, grapes, cherry tomatoes or nuts for kids to nibble on.

2. Try new foods, and keep trying. It takes at least five times for kids to embrace new foods.

3. For a quick snack from the supermarket, pick up some California rolls or crunchy shrimp rolls (no raw fish in these). Sushi is great healthy kids food.

4. Make it fun. Kids will eat foods they’re not familiar with if they’re presenting in fun ways. Serve brothy soups with a long straw, or make carrots fun by sharpening them with a clean pencil sharpener.

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