Handy Hints: Helpful Tips for Around the House

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on March 4, 2014

Garbage bag holder

Keep your garbage bag in place with sections of old garden hose. Cut four 9-inch-long pieces of hose, slit them lengthwise and place them over the garbage can rim.

Baseball cap trim protector

Prying a bent nail from woodwork with a hammer can leave an unsightly mark. To prevent these marks, place the bill of your baseball cap behind your hammer. The bill protects your trim from damage.

Quick fix for running toilets

Here’s a nifty way to prevent the lift chain on your toilet flapper from getting caught underneath when the flapper closes. Cut a plastic soda straw in half and feed the chain through it. This stiffens the chain and keeps it from being sucked under the flapper.

Posthole gauge

Digging a posthole requires you to constantly stop and remove the digger to measure the depth of the hole. Skip the hassle by turning the handles of your posthole digger into built-in measuring sticks. With a permanent marker, make a line every 6 inches up the handles from the tips of the digging blades. When you get close to the desired depth, stop digging (leaving the digger in the hole) and check the depth on the handles.

Carpenter’s pencil keeper

Keep your carpenter’s pencil close at hand with half of a clothespin. Remove one leg of the clothespin and replace it with your carpenter’s pencil. Clip your pencil to a pocket or sleeve so you can grab it when needed.

Mousetrap disposal bag

The only thing more unpleasant than setting a mousetrap is removing a squished mouse and resetting the trap. To avoid touching the mouse, bait a disposable wooden mousetrap and carefully slide it into a paper lunch bag. After it’s sprung, toss the whole mess into the garbage.

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