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on February 20, 2015
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A new sofa is not something that you buy too regularly, so ensure that you use your cash wisely. The cost of a new sofa can vary significantly, so follow these five handy tips to make sure that you get the best value for your money.

Measure up. It may seem like stating the obvious, but before you buy a new sofa, you need to check how space you have in your room. Measure the room that it is going in, to start, but also check the dimensions of any spaces required for access. Will it fit through the door to the house and room? Will it go around any stairs or steps? If unsure, check with a professional removal firm. If you get it wrong, it could be a costly mistake.

Consider style. Sofa design varies enormously, so think about the look that you are trying to create in a particular room. It is worth remembering that some contemporary designs will be less comfortable and durable than more traditional designs and may cost more, too. If you like to change the look of your rooms on a regular basis, then you will not want a style that looks outdated. Think about the available space, as well. In a small room, a large sofa will probably take up too much room, even if you can fit it in.

Check the quality. You cannot judge the quality of a sofa by looks alone, so make sure that you can see and test one before you buy. Good Housekeeping outlines a number of design elements to test. Test the frame strength by lifting one corner off the floor. Raise it 6 inches and check that the other leg is not still touching the floor. Talk to the salesperson about the manufacturing process, and sit down on the sofa for enough time to decide what it is really like to sit on.

Investigate cleaning. Sofa upholstery that you can only clean professionally could be a nuisance if you have children and pets. Find out how easy it is to clean the upholstery yourself. Can the covers be removed? Have they been treated to prevent stains and spillage? Even if the sofa looks great when brand new, if you cannot keep it that way, it may not be a good idea.

Shop around. Furniture retailers know that few customers can afford to purchase a sofa on a whim, so you should remember that this is a buyer’s market. There are good deals to be had, as long as you are prepared to go after them. Do not be fooled by advertised reductions in prices, as these can reflect a price that was only previously charged for a short time or in a certain location. Go to the top of your budget to look for build quality and durability, but haggle on the price to get the very best deal.

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