How to Get Rid of Your Pet

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on May 1, 2014
When You Need To Rehome A Pet

There can be a number of reasons why you need to get rid of a pet. You may be facing financial issues, or possibly just practical issues looking after a furry member of the family. The cat or dog may not be getting along with the kids. Whatever your reasons, you should make sure that you relocate your pet responsibly. Here are three ways that you can find a new home for your cat or dog.

Ask around. You may be surprised about friends, colleagues or extended family members that may be looking for a cat or dog. In many cases, it may simply be an idea that they are toying with, but if they know you have a pet available, it could spur them into action. Passing a pet on in this way means that you have some idea about the nature of the new owners.

Advertise locally. There are plenty of ways to advertise locally, either for free or a small fee. You could place an advertisement in the classified section of a local newspaper. Alternatively, perhaps local stores will allow you to place a card or flier in their windows, advertising the availability of your pet. Advertising locally means that the new owner and the pet do not need to travel far away, which can minimize disruption for you both.

Speak to an animal charity. There are likely to be animal refuges and charities in or around your area, which will be able to offer a home to your pet. In many cases, you may be asked to pay a fee for finding a new home for your cat or dog. Even if you are not, you should always offer a donation or financial contribution to nonprofit groups. An animal charity will ensure that your pet goes to a good home, but be sure to select a shelter that has a good policy about euthanizing healthy animals. Some shelters may warn that they will only hold an animal for a few weeks.

Getting rid of a pet may sound callous, but in most cases, it is far better for the animal to go to a new home than for you or the animal to be unhappy with the current situation. Be a responsible pet owner, however, and do your best to make sure your furry friend goes to a good home.

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