Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas

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on August 16, 2013
Kids Birthday Party Ideas

A child’s birthday often is one of the most anticipated days of the year. Kids’ birthday parties offer an opportunity to share a child’s special day with friends and family. A theme helps determine the location of the party and ties together each party element, such as activities, decorations, invitation, cake style and party favors. It also allows the birthday boy or girl to express personal preferences and share those with the guests.

Consider one of these five fun birthday themes for kids’ parties.

Zoo party. Many zoos offer party packages for kids’ birthday parties. A zoo party theme works great for kids who are in elementary and middle school. Children younger than 6 years old need more adult supervision than older kids need. Plan for at least one adult helper for every two kids. To plan a zoo party, contact your local zoo and ask for package information and pricing.

The Brookfield Zoo, located outside Chicago, Ill., offers Wild Birthday Bash packages that include zoo admission, carousel coupons, a buffet lunch, zoo-themed party favors, a birthday T-shirt for the birthday boy or girl and more.

Favorite character. Most kids have a favorite character. It might be a superhero, literary character such as Harry Potter, or an animated character from television and the movies. Centralizing the birthday party theme around the honoree’s favorite character is a great way to involve the child in all the party planning. Allow him to suggest decoration ideas, help choose the cake design and select the games for the party. Check for character theme ideas through sites such as Pinterest and

Tea party. The idea of a tea party theme may conjure images little girls in frilly dresses eating dainty sandwiches and cookies at a formally decorated table. Some young girls may enjoy a traditional tea party theme, but there are ways to build upon that idea to create a unique tea party birthday party without the frills.

Consider an American Girl doll tea party where each guest brings her American Girl doll for a double-themed party. Another variation for the tea party is to host a Mad-Hatter-style tea party, inspired by the book (or movie) Alice in Wonderland. A Mad-Hatter tea party can work for a co-ed party.

Sports-themed party. Both boys and girls may enjoy a sport-themed party. Pick whichever sport the birthday honoree loves most, and use it as the basis for each party element. For example, for a softball or baseball party, you may opt for a cake shaped like a ball or one shaped like the infield of the park. Sports-themed parties can be held inside, in your back yard or at the park, where activities can include sports-themed games.

Mystery party. A kids’ party must keep the kids engaged and active. Kids ages 8 and older may love a mystery party where they can be the detectives, discovering clues, interviewing suspects and ultimately revealing “who-done-it.” Companies such as Party Sleuth provide mystery party packages with everything you need to throw the perfect mystery party.

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