Kitchen Cleaning Tips

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on August 22, 2014

Prevention is the first line of defense for better, faster kitchen cleaning. Spend a little time using these tips now, and you’ll save a lot of time later.

  • Whenever you cook, start by filling the sink with warm, soapy water. Toss bowls and utensils in the water as you finish using them.
  • Before working with messy foods (such as dipping fish or chicken in bread crumbs or peeling potatoes) cover the countertop with waxed paper or a ripped-open paper grocery sack to catch the mess. When finished, wad up the paper and throw it away.
  • Limit extra dishes as much as possible. Grate cheese on a paper towel or a piece of waxed paper. Marinate chicken or steaks in zip-top plastic bags instead of a bowl or pan.
  • Clean up drips from cookware right away. Wipe up countertop spills as soon as they occur. Wash high chair trays before food dries on them.
  • Before putting muffins or a cake into the oven, wipe off drips from the rim of the pan so they won’t get baked on and require extra elbow grease to remove.
  • Keep fresh vegetables in plastic bags with holes that allow air to circulate. If the vegetables go bad, you can lift them out of the fridge with a lot less mess.
  • Line crisper drawers with paper towels so you don’t have to clean the drawerjust toss the dirty paper towel and replace with a clean one every two weeks or so.
  • Slip plastic lids from coffee cans under sticky items such as jam, jelly or honey in your refrigerator or pantry.
  • If something spatters and cooks on the walls of your microwave, spray the inside with a plant mister and then turn the microwave on high for a few seconds. Wait for a minute, then wipe out the mess with a paper towel.
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