Lumber Surfacing Tip

Home & Family, Household DIY Tips
on May 12, 2014

Instead of buying a jointer for a one-time project, Club member Conrad Skladal of Sunnyvale, California, uses this ingenious way to surface lumber with his table saw. First, completely lower the blade of the saw. Next, set the fence away from the blade at a distance of 3/4 in. minus the thickness of the blade kerf; then clamp a straight length of 3/4-in. plywood to the saw’s fence. Turn on the saw and slowly raise the blade to its full height; then turn off the saw. Remove the clamps, and carefully position featherboards and a stop block against the plywood workpiece to protect against kickback. Turn on the saw, and use a push stick to guide the plywood past the blade to complete the cut. Attach an adjustable blade guard made from clear plastic or scrap lumber to the plywood jig, and whenever you need to surface an edge, simply clamp the jig in place on the saw fence.

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