Puppy 101

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on May 8, 2014
Puppy 101

Few things are as adorable as a new puppy. Enjoy the excitement and pleasure of your new puppy, and know what to expect as your puppy grows into your beloved family dog. With these puppy tips, you will be well prepared for the happy, healthy new family member.

Training. Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, is famous for training dogs into obedient and secure pets. According to Cesar, start training your puppy right away. Go with your puppy’s natural instinct to think of you as pack leader. Maintain your role with calm, assertive confidence. Don’t wait for your puppy to misbehave or make a mistake to assert your role. Gentle guidance from the start will provide the necessary foundation you’ll rely upon when things like chewing, leash pulling, barking and other bad behaviors crop up.

Housebreaking. Your puppy must be trained to eliminate waste in the appropriate locations. As dogs do not want to go where they sleep, this natural instinct will help your training. Provide a comfortable, safe place for your puppy to do his or her business. Be consistent. Bring your puppy to the same general area and reward your puppy with love, attention and even a small treat to reinforce the good behavior. If your puppy begins to act like he or she is ready to go, calmly remove the puppy to the right spot. Be sure to thoroughly clean any accident sites, as they will become repeat spots if the scent lingers.

Exercise. One of the most important things you can do with your puppy is offer lots of exercise potential. Take your dog on a walk every day. Be sure to let the puppy expend plenty of energy on that walk. Using your calm and assertive posture, don’t allow your puppy to drag you; rather, gently but firmly lead your puppy on the journey. Make sure you are the first out the door and first one in the door at either end of the trip to underscore your standing as pack leader.

Check-ups. Just like any other family member, your puppy will need regular medical care and vaccinations. Routine care, a healthy diet and good exercise will ensure the healthiest possible puppy. Ask lots of questions at veterinary appointments, and familiarize yourself with the vaccinations and common health concerns during your puppy’s transition into adulthood.

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