The 4 Best Natural Cleaners For Your Home

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on August 18, 2014


Looking to make the switch to natural cleaners, but not quite sure where to start or what to use? We’re here to help! We asked our cleaning experts to spill their best natural cleaning secrets to create this handy guide on the four best natural cleaners for your home.

1. Salt

Thanks to its natural chemical properties, everyday household salt can effectively clean lime deposits, carpet and wicker furniture.

  • Salt and vinegar will naturally dissolve lime, without disturbing your beautiful chrome or steel appliances and surfaces.
  • Salt particles are naturally abrasive, so salt water will quickly and effectively remove dirt from even the hardest to reach nooks and crannies. This is perfect for all your outdoor furniture!
  • Because salt is a natural degreaser, it will work wonders on your grease-based carpet stains — just be careful if your carpet is old or delicate.


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2. Vinegar

Vinegar is a heavy hitter when it comes to tackling household chores. It can be used for nearly everything: basic spray cleaner, laundry fabric softener and cleaner, drain de-clogger and the uber-effective sticky gunk removal.

  • Vinegar is an acid and removes corrosion (like rust) from the water. Vinegar also prevents rust from returning, for a longer lasting clean.
  • Vinegar separates the bonds that hold together glue. As an acid, it will also remove anything and everything sticking to, well, anything.
  • Vinegar and baking soda work wonders on clogged drains because the baking soda “lifts” while vinegar “removes” grease—the most likely culprit of your clogged drain.
  • Anywhere around the kitchen where you have greasy surfaces, vinegar is the perfect cleaning solution.


Tips via Organic Cleaning Services on Hometalk

3. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide can do so much more than clean scrapes. It’s also an effective cleaning agent and household disinfectant!

  • Most grout discoloration is from body oils or oily soap scum, and hydrogen peroxide is a natural degreaser. It will break down the oils and grease and leave behind sparkling white grout.
  • Hydrogen peroxide has one more oxygen atom than water, which makes it more powerful and effective than plain old H2O. Because of this and its status as a natural chemical, it’s your best bet when it comes to cleaning your kids’ toys.
  • Rinsing your cutting boards with hydrogen peroxide is the best way to kill bacteria (especially salmonella). It will penetrate the many tiny nooks and crannies common on wood cutting boards.

hydrogen peroxide

Tips via Organic Cleaning Services on Hometalk

4. Steam

Steam is a great cleaning agent. It’s chemical-free, it’s a disinfectant, and it’s ideal for food messes.

  • To clean your microwave, fill a microwave-safe cup with ⅔ water and a tablespoon of vinegar and fresh lemon juice. Microwave the cup for 5 minutes, and then allow the steam to settle for another 5 minutes. The previously caked on gunk will now wipe clean.
  • The natural grease from food items can easily be broken down by pressurized heat and water. There are many handheld steamers available, which can work wonders on your floors, counters and appliances. Steam is also quite effective at cleaning delicate fabrics.
  • You can enclose dirty towels and linens in a bathroom with the hot shower running, or use a handheld steamer to clean them.


Tips via Naturally Clean on Hometalk


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