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on August 17, 2014
Back To School

Before you can say, Wheres your homework? it will be time to buy the clothes, supplies and lunchboxes necessary for the new school year. Here are some helpful back-to-school tips from St. Louis Childrens Hospital and others in the know.

Get children back on track ahead of time by waking them up a half-hour earlier each week, until they reach the normal school-day waking time.

Include your child when shopping for back-to-school supplies and clothes.

Start talking about school in a relaxed casual way. But dont over prepare, which itself can cause anxiety.

Meet the teacher before school starts. If your school has a kick-off event be sure to go. This is especially important for kindergarteners and preschoolers. Lori Norton-Meier, assistant professor of elementary education at Kansas State University, says a parent-teacher conference beforehand is a must. The first parent-teacher conference is essential. It comes at a time when children have had a little time to settle in and get used to their new environment and routines. It gives the child, the parents and the teacher an opportunity to talk together and find answers to any possible problems.

Let your child wear comfortable clothes on the first day, rather than a new outfit that hasnt been broken in yet.

Make sure your child is getting the proper rest and nutrition. Both are necessary for good academic performance.

Get a copy of the schools calendar and talk about upcoming events. Get children excit ed about what is ahead.

Prepare a special first-day breakfast. Make sure everything is ready to go the night before so there is no last minute shoe hunting.

Take a tour of the building with your child so he or she is familiar with the surround ings. Look for bathrooms and the cafeteria. Point out fun things, like activity centers, in the classroom.

Spend quality time with your child beforehand. Letting them know you love them is the best security you can offer your children.

If your child is upset, say goodbye and leave. Prolonging the separation only makes it worse.

Read to your child. It gives a solid foundation for all academics.

If you and your child are prepared for the new school year, they will be ready and excited, and you can relax. School should be a learning adventure not something you both dread.

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