Five Tips for a Perfect Paint Job

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on February 20, 2015

To get professional-looking results the next time you paint a room, follow these steps:


  • Consider color. When choosing a color, refer to the rooms fabrics, floor covering or your favorite accessories, suggests interior designer Jody Mohre, of Lancaster, Pa. Bring home color swatches from the store, then buy inexpensive tester sizes of paint to audition the color youre considering. See how the hue looks on your walls with natural and artificial light, and at different times of day.
  • Dont forget the finish. Flat and satin finishes can work well for bedrooms, living rooms and ceilings. Because flat-finish paint doesnt reflect light, it hides wall imperfections. Satin finish has a slight sheen, and is easier to clean than flat finish. For a bathroom or kitchen, semigloss is a good choice for maximum durability. Choose semigloss or gloss for moldings and trim.
  • Prep for perfection. Use spackling paste to patch holes and small cracks. A primer coat helps paint last longer and is especially important when covering repaired surfaces or when changing from a dark to a lighter color.
  • Use the right tools. Essential tools include painters tape to mask areas you dont want to paint, a 2-inch angled brush to cut in corners, a roller with an extension pole to paint walls and the ceiling, roller trays, drop cloths, rags and a bucket of water for cleanup.
  • Go for quality. Buy the best quality paint you can afford, Mohre urges. Good paint has better coverage, is less likely to fade and is easier to apply and care for.”
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