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on February 5, 2015
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Your guests will spend more time looking at your front door than any other part of your home’s exterior. In addition, the right exterior door will add curb appeal and value to your home. FineHomebuilding advises homeowners that the door should fit the facade and be appropriate to the house style. Here are some styles to consider.

Colonials and Capes. Colonials and Capes are characterized by solid wood doors without glass, sidelights arranged symmetrically on each side, with rectangular, semicircular, or semielliptical windows above to allow light into the interior entry way. A Colonial-style door usually contains four to six raised panels with quarter rounds used to make a smooth transition between the main part of the door and the raised panel.

Victorian. Victorian architecture embodies the “more is more” architectural spirit. The Victorian style begins with a decorative porch to mark the transition from public to private. With the porch serving as a transition area, windows become a prominent feature of the door area. In fact, the focal point of the door is etched or stained glass. The glass can be oval, rectangular or a style to match windows. The central feature of the Victorian style is ornamentation, not just on and around the door, but over the windows, under the eaves and along the edge of the home.

Bungalow. Unlike the Victorian style, the Bungalow style uses simpler construction methods and unadorned features. Like the Victorian style, the Bungalow style makes use of a porch to transition from the outside to the entry way. This allows for prominent use of windows. A common door style includes six panes of glass at the top of the door with two wooden, vertical panels below. This style rarely makes use of sidelights and is ideal for smaller homes.

Ranch. Patios and porches are common on ranch-style homes. The doors and lighting near the exterior entryway are rarely adorned with decorations. False shutters and cladding made of wood or brick are common in ranch-style homes.

Modern. Mass-produced doors with a “less is more” philosophy characterize the modern door style. The modern door disdains raised panels and etched sections in favor of one solid piece. Asymmetrical lighting provides functionality and attractiveness. The modern style avoids fancy raised panels, applied molding, ornate sticking and overly decorative windows.

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