Quick Tip: Weed-Killer

Home & Family, Household DIY Tips
on February 17, 2015

In his role as a pesticide applicator for a commercial nursery, Club member Brett Bunn of Fancy Gap, Virginia, often had to apply foliar herbicides (such as Roundup) to kill weeds or prepare beds for landscaping. To keep from damaging adjacent vegetation, he applied the herbicide with a heavy-nap paint roller. He simply poured the solution into a paint tray (equipped with a disposable liner), soaked the roller for a few seconds and then rolled the herbicide solution onto the marked-off beds. The roller applied the solution evenly with no splotching or drifting. Brett could even attach an extension handle so he wouldn’t have to bend or crawl. Finally, he disposed of the liner and roller cover according to the herbicide’s specifications — no cleanup, no fuss and no weeds.

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