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on February 6, 2015
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Slipcovers are fabric coverings that can be slipped on and off a chair, seat cushion, couch or other piece of upholstered furniture. Slipcovers for cushions may be secured with a zipper or length of Velcro, allowing the covering to be removed at any time for washing or repair. A slipcover may be custom made to fit a particular piece of furniture, or a commercially made slipcover can be purchased to fit a common-size sofa or chair.

Slipcovers of yesterday. Before the advent of mass produced furniture, items such as chairs, sofas and seat cushions were hand-made by artisans. The process required technique and artistry, with the finished product typically upholstered in a material such as velvet or silk damask. Because owners wanted to protect these fabrics when the furniture was not in use, slipcovers often were used. The slipcover may have been a simple linen sheet of fabric placed over the furniture and then secured with fabric or cord ties.

Benefits of slipcovers. The slipcover is a great way to protect your furniture from spills and daily wear and tear. If a piece of pizza is dropped on a couched encased in a removable slipcover, cleanup is much easier. Simply remove the slipcover, pre-treat the fabric with a trusted stain remover and wash in your home washing machine. Slipcovers also protect furniture against daily dirt and pet hair.

Custom slipcovers. The custom-made slipcover is one way to personalize today’s mass-manufactured furniture. Interior designers often incorporate slipcovers into their room design to give clients a truly unique look. Custom slipcovers can be crafted to fit odd-sized furniture or cushions. Furniture owners can choose from an array of fabric colors, patterns and textures to create the look that best fits their lifestyle and décor preferences.

DIY slipcovers. Slipcovers can be an easy home project if you enjoy working with fabric and can sew. You can craft simple slipcovers for kitchen chairs, armchairs, window seats and even your bed. The design experts at Martha Stewart recommend using a fabric slipcover to rejuvenate an old bed headboard and footboard. Using a slipcover eliminates the hassle of having to refinish scuffed, marked wood, providing a fresh look and a new focal point for the room.

Ready-made slipcovers. Sometimes cost prohibits the purchase of a custom slipcover or you simply need to recover a piece of furniture quickly. Fortunately, many retailers offer a selection of ready-made slipcovers to fit various sizes of chairs, recliners, loveseats, couches and even window seats. Ready-made slipcovers for dining chairs can change the look of the room instantly, providing versatility when you need to transform the everyday into a special day. Consider a slipcover with ties in the back, allowing you to create an elegant look for a special occasion dinner.

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