20 Incredible Ways To Upcycle Pallets

on December 5, 2014

All Hands On Deck

Wooden shipping pallets can be a blank canvas of endless possibilities to most DIY aficionados, but if you’re looking in need of a little inspiration—we’ve got you covered. From rustic pathways to an entire house made of reimagined wooden slabs, there’s no project too big or too small that can’t incorporate these shipping goods turned favorite “craft hack”.


Pet Bed

Build your family pet a sturdy and stable place of his own with a custom pet bad made of recycled pallets. He’s sure to feel like a king on his wooden throne!

Get Inspired: Pet Bed 


Outdoor Swing

An outdoor oasis isn’t complete without a piece of carefree swinging furniture. A two way pallet is the perfect piece to choose for this project and once completed, will offer the family a relaxing spot to enjoy the fresh air and a cool breeze as they rock to and fro.

Get Inspired: Outdoor Swing 


Herb Garden

Everyone loves an herb garden! It’s true—but so do rabbits. Elevate a pallet and your herb garden by raising it off the ground and up against a wall with this repurposed garden shelving unit.

Get Inspired: Herb Garden 



Headboards add so much to a room. If you’ve been looking to upgrade your bedroom set, think about upgrading some pallets into a shabby chic base for your evening resting place.

Get Inspired: Headboard 


Office Desk

A repurposed pallet desk can be both inspiring and motivating. It’ll remind you that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Sometimes thinking outside of the box or repurposing ideas and repacking them might just be the way to go on your next project.

Get Inspired: Office Desk 


Wooden Plank Walkway

A pallet wood walkway leading to your garden is the perfect motivation to exercise your green thumb more often. Rambling plants alongside rustic wood make for a magical pathway anywhere around your home.

See The Tutorial: DIY Pallet Walkway 


Children's Playhouse

Your kids will basically love you forever if you build them the wooden playhouse of their dreams. Get them to help you with sanding and treating the pieces for outdoor use.

Get Inspired: Children's Playhouse 


Home Theatre Seating

Home theaters are thought to exist only inside wealthy households—that’s just not the case. If you an have extra bedroom, basement, or converted garage space you too can have a home theatre of your own! Pallets offer the ability to create tiered seating so everyone has the best view in the house.

Get Inspired: Home Theatre Seating 


Fire Pit Furniture

There’s not much better than a warm fire on a cool night. Step up your fire pit decor with beautiful pieces made of multi-colored stained slabs of recycled pallets.

Get Inspired: Fire Pit Furniture 



Framing at craft stores and photo shops can be extremely expensive. Try a wooden base made of pallets to feature your most treasured family portraits.

Get Inspired: Framing 



f you have an old dresser, than you know the pain of drawers that are difficult to pull out and use. Designing an open pallet dresser that utilizes baskets could be your answer.

Get Inspired: Dresser 


Cooler Holder

Coolers can be eyesores. They’re generally bright colors or with silly designs—they’re also low to the ground which can be annoying to keep bending down to retrieve your beverage. This custom cooler holder provides a clean aesthetic and easy to reach for lid.

Get Inspired: Cooler Holder 


Wine Rack

Many wine racks found at retail shopping chains are either too modern looking, only have storage for a couple of wine bottles, or just don’t seem durable enough to hold the weight of their contents. This wine rack design large enough to carry a number of bottles and even provides slots to rest wine glass stems in.

Get Inspired: Wine Rack 


Entertainment Stand & Storage

Why spend hundreds of dollars on an entertainment fixture when you can make your own? Your own two hands can make this incredible TV console and storage piece with pallets.

Get Inspired: Entertainment Stand & Storage 


Standing Desk & Bookshelf

We love a standing desk. It keeps you mobile and moving, which is great your your back, legs, and overall health. This repurposed pallet desk is designed to also function as a bookshelf.

Get Inspired: Standing Desk & Bookshelf 


Pallet Coffee Table

A coffee table can make your entire living room. Think about using a two way pallet and adding wheels to it for a low, easy to move, platform to display your favorite books and boardgames.

Get Inspired: Pallet Coffee Table 


Patio Bar

Outdoor bars have always been a popular way to impress guests. Repurposing pallets into a beautiful custom entertaining surface is a crowd pleaser.

Get Inspired: Patio Bar 


Unique Wall Art

Think about mixing up your wall art with a chubby chic meets rustic country home with a horizontal pairing of pallet slabs and writing a special phrase across them

Get Inspired: Unique Wall Art 


Platform Couch

A raised day bed or seating area on top of a platform of painted pallets not only offers form and function, but a chic way of decorating any corner space.

Get Inspired: Platform Couch 


Entire House

This one takes the cakes! Imagine an entire house made of repurposed pallets—stop imagining. It actually happened.

Get Inspired: Entire House 

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